Madness! BALL Man CLUB – They All Want In!

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Soon, the gates to the original BALL man open CLUB and now everybody in wants! Soon, the gates to the original BALL man open CLUB and now everybody in wants! Just a little patience: Behind the gates of the Club working feverishly to set up the new virtual home of the German BALL man of party fans and celebration Meier that much fun and enjoyment are guaranteed. Start the BALL man CLUB network in the style of a b2c/b2b platform (better: b4f – BALL man 4 FRIENDS) is approx. Middle of November 2008 headquarters of the BALL man CLUB is the federal capital of Berlin. Various promotions and competitions, where the Active Club members can participate (virtual and real) and you want to (!), be prepared. BALL man CLUB members can create a profile in the Club and in the framework of the Club network with each other contacts to like-minded people. Contacts with artists, DJs and all the BALL man licensing partners group are also granted for the members. The BALL man CLUB is 4 friends to the Club” be! Premium members are invited to many events and can actively invite you to their own events or friends, put his own image gallery from the last party holiday online or just advertise for himself and his friends.

Of course premium members will receive always discounts and special offers to and on the original BALL man branded the license partners, such as the official BALL man CLUB travel, will take place every year and which are the members invited to participate together with musicians and artists of the party scene. An honorary member is already appointed: none other than his Majesty, the King of MAJORCA-Jurgen Drews is and will welcome if it allowed its time with the members during his appearances personally reading these. What will the fun”cost? A normal”standard membership is free anyone can so take part. A premium membership with many advanced features in the shooting men’s Club is there already for 1,–euros in the Month (annual subscription EUR 12,–). It’s already done! Getting info and questions about the BALL man CLUB Club Chief Christoph from Berlin answers like advance email: Note: up-to-date information about the BALL man CLUB and its activities you can get daily about the BALL man RADIO listen in! Ballermann”, Ballermann 6″, Ballermann BBs world “are registered trademarks in exploitation of A. Engelhardt brand concepts GmbH, Grosskarolinenfeld; the BALL man CLUB is a brand project in collaboration with Christoph Kayser, Berlin (contact: see profile)

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