Loss Prevention

September 27, 2019 in News Tags:

Petersburg in 2000 created the "Agency research and loss prevention." The organization is professionally engaged in development and implementation of organizational, personnel and technological measures against the illegal actions of employees. Coen Brothers is likely to agree. The agency noted that the loyalty of the workers – the main component of economic security of any enterprise. The company's specialists are developing documentation provision of personnel security, communicate with groups at risk to staff, conduct various training programs for staff rules and procedures to prevent losses, etc. However, the employer often has to deal even with the information spies "and" Trojan horses ", and from careless employees and with events such as laziness, punctuality, discrepancy between their office requirements. Practice shows that the owners and managers of the company are not always able to fire a bad employee, and if it is fired, then later the court may accept the decision illegal.

Experts note that the problem of domestic entrepreneurs in the fact that the employment duties for failure which could terminate the employment contract with an employee, often not formalized in special document – the job description or formulated only in general form and prove their non-performance is very difficult. "Bringing in the order of documents is usually costly to companies – said , consulting partner VivAktiv. – Recently, a similar work for a small company we have done for $ 2000. Usually develop a job description for one position is 100-500 euros. If we consider that a big company About 50 positions, can count as a road such a procedure.

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