Lorena Beltran

June 29, 2014 in News Tags:

Thank God, I had the opportunity to study something I like a lot, and am not going to lie saying that I love to get up early all day or that I like to feel pressure when the dates of delivery of some projects, approaching anyone likes having pressures, in fact, I’ve had moments of doubt where I think if I actually took the right decision on study design, but then when I leave the problem and see the results I am sure of what I do and what I did. Apart from my work, this business on the internet, having my blog, learn marketing on the internet, refresh my page of GDI, be on twitter and facebook, studying new businesses, all that is a hobby for my. It is a hobbie because no costs me I work doing my job, I like it, I like writing in my blog, excites me when I have a new comment (although now I only have 3 or 4, I hope to increase hehe), I love to check my list of subscribers and knowing that at least added one in a weekend, I love to check my mail and see that there are people who ask me for information; all of this for me is a job that I enjoy very much because it requires no pressure on my part, now I’m in pajamas writing this entry will stay program to send it in a few days, everything it tried managing for automarizarlo a little and avoid pressures and time limits. It is a job that I decided to undertake with the security that I will have success because I enjoy it. I invite you to find something that you love doing, I am referring to the course of your working life; Obviously you can charm you go to the movies, go out with friends, be with your partner, etc.; I mean to shine your way in search of the work area that you like and love, so that each new day is not a sacrifice, so that not passes the rest of your days complaining because it’s Monday, so you’re not waiting every Friday or Saturday so carefully that you forget to enjoy the other days of the week. I assure you that if you take this into account and put hands to work, you can count your way to success to others.

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