Global Reformulaization

November 23, 2014 in News Tags:

Perhaps the change of this situation demands one politics of global reformularization of the economic activity in the tropical forest, involving since the establishment of new branches of activity, until the marketing of the products cultivated in the extrativistas reserves (aa, babau and others) in the exterior. A great step already was given, thanks to nimbleness with that the movement of the seringueiros became the victorious concept in so little time, showing its vitality. It takes that the extrativistas reserves in little time if After all become a reality politics and a model of unit of conservation in the Amaznia, is more than what just that the population of this region so explored and forgotten it our country has right to a worthier life. In this direction, it affirms Anderson (1994), ' ' the reserves consolidate the pioneering meeting of the agricultural unionism with the ambientalismo in Brazil. They state fight of classroom ecologismo and carries through the agrarian reform of the seringueiros.

Moreover, pillars of a modern project for the Amaznia intend to be one of them: a sustainable economy of products of floresta' ' Thus, we think about these possibilities not of exculpatory form, but about concurrence with many of the agronegociais activities in march in the Amaznia. After all if we live in a society each time more ' ' regulada' ' for the orientaes of the markets, it is important alternative terms for generation of job and income in all the regions. References ANDERSON. et al. The destination of the forest: extrativistas reserves and sustainable development in the Amaznia. Relume Dumar, 1994. 339p.

IBAMA. Extrativista reserve. Available in: Available in: . Access in: 26 nov. 2011. Elaborated per Miguelangelo Gianezini for, 2011.

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