Enterprise Productivity

September 26, 2018 in News

Current changes have resulted in a deterioration in the productive capacity of enterprises in their operation. This has led to the majority of Venezuelan organizations are restructured, giving way to a new organizational architecture, to adopt new models management, all aimed at reducing costs, achieving greater control over processes, have greater market presence and meet international quality standards and other firms are forced to redefine their roles, operational models, to a re-engineering appropriate according to national circumstances supported by values, attitudes and behaviors according to the requirements that domestic consumers demand to ensure that their operation will achieve results that favor their survival and growth. Consider that 80% of the Venezuelan business sector is the great, small and medium enterprises, which mostly dates from the late 50s (38.8%) versus one (5.5%) based on 80s and 90s.

Moreover, its founders were largely Venezuelans and foreigners, specifically Europeans, 50% and 44.4% respectively, figures that support the general concept regarding the “boom” of family businesses in Venezuela, where there is a wave of migration from the old continent, which occurred in the 50s. Secondly, on the Board of Directors, where, according to new trends should be incorporated in the same proportion of members of the family and external key managers, 55.5% manifested together with family and strictly made up 44.4 % of joint boards. Third and finally, it can be stated that Venezuelan firms had on average 45 years in operation, almost all are in the hands of the second generation of administrative and general managers, and even now still Venezuelan business history being a “closed” to outsiders, or external managers outside the family.

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