Encyclopedia Of Medicine Stroke

May 22, 2021 in News

Stroke (Latin insulto – leaping, jump) – an acute cerebrovascular accident (bleeding, etc.), causing the death of brain tissue. From the perspective of modern medicine stroke – this is a difficult and very dangerous vascular central nervous system. It is known that the brain needs to sustain a constant flow of oxygenated arterial blood. Brain cells are very sensitive to lack of oxygen, and without him die quickly. Therefore, nature has created an extensive network of cerebral arteries, which provide an intense circulation. If blockage or rupture of blood vessels and stroke occurs, then there is death any region of the brain. The initial symptoms of hemorrhagic stroke – a sudden intense headache, vomiting, disorders of consciousness – from the stunning loss to complete it.

The presence of paralysis, as you you know, is caused by hemorrhage location: with the defeat of the right or left hemisphere develops paralysis of the arms and legs on the opposite, side of the body with lesions of the brainstem palsies are less pronounced, but there are violations of the innervation of the face. Appear distorted grimaces, his face distorted. Active movements throughout the affected half of the face are absent, increased salivation. Ischemic stroke is most often develops over several hours, gradually increasing numbness and weakness in arm and leg on one side of the body. These phenomena are accompanied by numbness of the face, speech disorder (in the process of the left hemisphere) dizziness, headache. Sometimes in ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke may develop convulsive seizures, leading to changes in the psyche. In addition, symptoms of stroke can be sudden disturbance speech and understanding what is happening, loss of motor coordination and balance, and l deterioration of vision in one or both eyes.

So, the main symptoms of a stroke: – Sudden numbness or loss of mobility of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body – appeared unexpectedly difficult articulation or speech perception, the text – a dramatic deterioration of vision in one or both eyes – a sudden loss of coordination of movements, unsteadiness of gait, vertigo – a sudden abrupt and unexplained headache. Stroke Treatment Conventional medicine knows only two ways to combat stroke – a stroke prevention and symptomatic treatment of the effects of the disease. About prevention, we will discuss later, but now let's talk about what's happening in the first hours and days after stroke. Stroke patients must be urgently admitted to the neurological department, where there are chambers intensive care unit. However, be aware that transportation to the hospital not to be sick in a deep state of unconsciousness in violation of the vital functions. As a first measure a man, who suffered a stroke, is a prick. He introduced some of the drugs that improve cerebral blood flow (eufilin, nimotop, oksitral, cavinton, etc.) or stimulate the metabolic processes in the brain (nimodipine, Cerebrolysin, piracetam, nootropil). In addition, it can introduce products that normalize blood pressure (clonidine, Adelfan, atenobene, etc.).

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