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Its previous in this concern was a part of an automobile, finely calibrated out between comfort and sporty attitude he can get new here to another good piece. In addition to the extended wheelbase, a new constructed, standard Adaptive chassis and directly designed electro-mechanical steering is the reduced weight, which provides for the increase in agility. Save up to 80 pounds are the ones bringing the Audi in comparison to its predecessor, less on the scale – mainly a consequence of the body made of aluminium to 20 percent. Efficient entry diesel in addition to the characteristics it is the efficiency, which benefits from weight loss. In combination with the standard consumption reduction measures such as stop / start, recuperation and appropriately regulated auxiliary units, the A6 can chalk up a consumption reduced by up to 21 percent for themselves. This spearhead in the engine portfolio is the 2.0 TDI with 177 HP, torque of 380 nm and an average consumption of 4.9 liter.

The market launch of the end of March is the entry-level diesel with 6-speed manual transmission only. In the summer a Multitronic will be given here. 177 to 300 HP, now the lower power level is available with the CVT continuously variable transmission the 3-l cylinder diesel (3.0 TDI) with 204 HP. Optionally, this engine in combination with quattro all wheel drive and the dual-clutch transmission can be ordered s-tronic. The top-diesel with 245 HP is there only in this configuration. The same applies the 300 PS strong top petrol engine 3.0 TSFI that shoehorned the A6 in veritable 5.5 seconds on 100 things.

Including trades the 2.8 TSI with 204 exclusively automated managed HP. Driving Assistant convolute Bayern who draws when it comes to assistance systems at the A6 from the full, can turn into an electronic stronghold. There nothing that currently do not exist in the upscale vehicles. That starts with the self-correcting holding lane control, continues over the adaptive cruise to the Nachsicht-and ultrasound support parking Assistant and long does not end at the Headup display. The highlight of technology features, but is the adaptive light. This system not only automatically dims at oncoming traffic and reach the local area. The lighting system also interacts with the navigation system and puts his light cone automatically on each environment. Four modes are available: crossing light, city light, highway light and country road light. How in this class, can the vehicle be equipped with a number of additional assistance systems from the accessories list: an infrared camera enables E.g. the night vision, a normal camera captures the speed limit and the working with radar sensors Audi pre sense system slows down automatically in danger. Price and launch that these high-tech features can drive up the price of the A6 at dizzying heights, of course. Me nothing, you nothing scratching the Businessliner on die80. franc mark. Only the LED headlights around 3,500 euros cost extra, the MMIO navigation system plus with MMI touch 4,500, leather seats 2,500, the comfort package with automatic climate control, heated seats and 4,500 parking aid, air suspension 2,500 euros and so on and so forth. Who do without all this, has his own the way the A6 with the 177 HP strong 2.0 TDI from end March 42. 700 euros call. The 2.8 entry TSI gasoline engine comes on 48.960 euro. by Christian Zacharnik, autonet.at

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