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Today we will discuss what are the affiliate programs. Imagine that you walk into work as a company x sales executive. The Convention is that they paid a fixed salary but a percentage of Commission for sales made. The company gives you a portfolio of potential clients, or does not give it you, so that your explore the possible potential market for the product or products of your company. So far it sounds everything normal, nothing that don’t know about a sales job. Now, there is a working premise that tells us that we are all salespeople, we like it or not, whether we like it or not, since in order to account each of us sell your work and many times customers come being people who ask us for such work, whether in accounting, purchasing, the information technologies, all ultimately sell our work or our product. Now, moved this job or business model to the Internet, can imagine it?, well, that we will talk about in this article.

Affiliate programs are nothing more than a recruitment of sales force in which the seller promotes and markets products of third parties, the difference is that here will not earn a base salary, everything relies on the commissions you pay the author of the product, which run from 20% up to the fabulous 60% of the cost of the product. There are lots of products that you can sell on the internet from e-books to lose weight, increase your muscle mass, training dogs, business and internet marketing, only here you must select that product to more you accommodate your taste or knowledge of the topic. An advantage that we have in a normal system of sales, is that the author or owner of rights of the e-book or product, is responsible for completely the sale, payment and delivery of the product, you just have to promote it, either from a web page or from a Blog. Another advantage is the potential market for any product. Imagine if you are a seller of cars, for example. Whats your potential market?, maybe this limit to your city of residence and a social stratum specific, depending on the type of vehicle that promotions. But on the Internet, the possibilities are limitless, since the potential market is exponentiation to anyone who speaks your language and who have a specific interest about the product that you promote with this your chances of success become unlimited. Like any job, I’m not telling you’re gonna get truckloads of money with a little effort, business is real, and has a real chance of success, but it should work, that no one be fooled and that do not cheat on you if promise you money easy with minimal effort, there, work, study and learn, but I invite you to experiment and try this business schemethat the new economy offers you and once and for all finish with your dependence on economic you have with your current employment.

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