China Cafe

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Now we come to the marker, after the splash, the goal will flee from us, jumping over fences. The whole chase will end at the next crossroads, where our "client" sticks out a support group. Moisten all, by all means available. One of them is still on the machine, it needs to catch up and just destroy it. That's the whole mission: to pocket $ 50. Mission 4: The wheelman. In this mission, we need to steal three cars. Each of their own system of "hijacking".

Take your time: your time is limited – on the three cars you have 7 minutes. During this time you need to have a car and drive away in the garage. During the mission will receive all the same $ 50. + Two sms-ki from one coffee shop, where you are now batrachite, and the second inform you about changes in . Mission number 5: Tricks of The Triad. We go to China Cafe, after splash, give us an indication: to return to the house. We head back to go into it on the table you will see not only the laptop, but a box of red.

Open it and take out some drugs. We leave the house and go to a specified location on the map. Upon arrival at the place, you need to approach the man and hold, press: Left Shift + Left Ctrl. short dialogue, after which we did one kind of Drugs, he gave us another. After that we go to yet another meeting.

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