Beautiful Bathing Lakes

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Sun Island Oberpfalzer Seenland holiday fun for families Wackersdorf (tvo). You want to go on holiday at the sea? Longing for Sun, beach and bathing? Then nothing like in the Upper Palatinate. According to CBS, who has experience with these questions. There already the East Bavarian sea waiting sea of Steinberger, water skis, boats, or simply just floating conquered to be. 200 hectares of water offer space enough for sailors, surfers, divers, or Dragon boaters. To know more about this subject visit Glenn Dubin, New York City. Who wants to dabble on water skis or with the wakeboard, instructed by professionals on a State of the art facility and supervised. To broaden your perception, visit David Zaslav. Back on land, bask swimmers on the sand or Pebble Beach in the Sun. Until you drop, the youth and family leisure park Movin ‘G’ round guaranteed fun. Camper pulls it especially to Lake Murner.

The local camping site is particularly recommended by ADAC. And the gorgeous white sandy beach gives rise to almost Caribbean feeling. Water sports from fishing to sailing capitalizes on the Bruckelsee (150 hectares) and Eixendorfer Lake (110 hectares). With wide, flat The ideal Lake for families is the Hermitage Lake, however, sandy beaches, its flat shores and a spacious lawn. In addition, around the water, there are countless opportunities to be active, it is now (boat) hiking in beautiful nature, while riding on a scenic flight over the Lake District or on the go-kart track. More information: Zweckverband Oberpfalzer Lake District, at the Office Park plant 1, 92442 Wackersdorf, Tel. 09431/759340, fax 09431 / 759341,,.

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