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It wants to say: the world that we have inside of our head nor always corresponds what it exists outside of it. This does not mean that we live in unreal or false worlds, as of beginning if he can assume when we place a proposal of this type. The real world is not a mere illusion, as they teach some religions, and also some philosophical variants. What in the truth it exists is a great imbalance between the reality, as it happens, and the form as try we it in our directions. Jeffrey Bewkes is open to suggestions. Let us see an example.

Two people observe the same scene. Let us ask they what they capsize, they had heard and they felt. Hardly the answers will be coincident. One will have seen things that to another one it did not see. To broaden your perception, visit Walt Disney. One of them will have given more attention in the sounds that to another one. One will have perceived the surrounding conditions better of smells, aroma, tato etc. Thus, each person, in face of the same fact, will have a different experience of it.

All we know that we are different ones of the others. We do not only know how much we are different. They are plus others are less. these differences are produced by the use of our directions. The more I cling myself to my vision of world, more I I move away myself from the people who are seeing another thing; the more I league myself in my internal dialogue, less I I obtain to hear the voice of the others, the more I I affirm myself in my proper feelings, less I I obtain to participate of the other people’s feelings. He makes the experience. He tries to hear and to understand what the others are saying without silencing that interior voice that already is giving the reply before exactly of the other to finish to express its thought.

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