Tickets for EURO 2008

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The 13th European Championships take place from 7 to 29 June 2008 in the countries of Austria and Switzerland. For the second time in the history of the European Championship, European Championship is a tournament in two countries. The first European Championship, which was held in two countries, was the 2000 European Championships in Belgium and the Netherlands. The tickets for the EURO 2008 will be structured according to simple EURO-media chief Wolfgang Eichler. (As opposed to Robert A. Iger ). Not every ticket will be marked data as in the 2006 World Cup. Starts in early March to award the tickets for the EURO 2008 and will end first in late March. This month will be 290 000 tickets, representing about 30 percent of the entire quota to be assigned.

If it comes to overbooking, decided by lot. Hear from experts in the field like Time Warner for a more varied view. Applications for the tickets of EURO 2008 are exclusively online ( possible. The EURO 2008 CEO Martin Kallen told not to supplement the following, “per person may be ordered only four tickets per game, and one person can per day for a pack of cards “And also receive the tickets are cheaper than the EURO 2008, the World Cup his 2006th This makes the stadiums are smaller than in Germany 20 per cent of Euro 2008 tickets will be sold to the fans of the teams. The games will take place in eight venues, including four each in Switzerland and Austria. The places in Austria are Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Salzburg and Vienna, where the final of Euro 2008 will be held.

Switzerland is represented by Basel, Bern, Geneva and Zurich. In the Euro 2008 will be to set up big screens to 21 cities in Switzerland. Except at the four venues in Zurich, Bern, Basel and Geneva could watch fans in 17 other cities in the games. This was announced by the EM-makers with in Basel.

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