The Wounds

November 26, 2018 in News Tags:

However, it is always possible to get out of there, Yes we understand that it is a process and that we require to live very intense, very deep feelings and that nothing and nobody can live them for us really is a recovery possible? Recovery is possible, but again approach that is necessary to pass through various parts of the process, otherwise, we will stay in a duel unfinished hoping that someday things will change. Heal the wounds takes time, also that yes there are sons of for medium, i by force we need to keep watching our former partner, whether we like it or not. Here are some proven tips to make the process more light I didn’t say to skip it, but do not abandon their wounds and continue with her life despite everything: carries out awareness of the story of the couple.It is important to recognize that despite all experienced feelings, confusion and paralysis are normal. It is necessary to assume that we also participated in this breakdown, that we are not victims, pro instead, we have our share of responsibility in the process. Surely the relationship was toxic, desamorada, dysfunctional, even, abusive and full of experiences of discomfort rather than welfare. Where all have suffered, and when I say all, are all the members of the couple, the children and their families.

The experience of the divorce or separation is a traumatic experience, more when it is conducted in situations of great pain and violence. Although we believe that the other is to blame, we also participate, and that is more painful to accept. Take distance from the situation the people involved in this process require take distance and give yourself a few days to rethink what they live and experience. In these processes is impaired quality of life in all directions, at work, in the social, low performance, there are failures in care, alterations in sleep, food patterns.

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