The First Signs Of Pregnancy

December 18, 2023 in News Tags:

Be sure to tell about previously transferred sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and the likely unsuccessful attempts to make the pregnancy earlier. In this case you require further examination and a special control of some parameters during the entire pregnancy. o the same conclusion. Perhaps you have questions about the safety of your current state of conditions at work. This is also a topic for discussion in the observation pregnancy. Everything that you are concerned and worried, you should discuss with your doctor. Further details can be found at Oskar Harmann, an internet resource. For example the first signs of pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting are relatively frequent and early symptoms of pregnancy, occurring in 70-85% of cases. As a rule, they appear in the first nine weeks of pregnancy and their intensity varies widely: from mild to severe, violate the general state of health and degrade the quality of life for women. Fortunately, it is severe variant of flow is observed in no more than 2% of pregnant women. However, it is a syndrome for morning sickness during pregnancy, is the main indication for hospitalization in the first trimester and the second reason (After a premature birth) of the stationary observation and treatment during the entire period of pregnancy.

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