Surrogate Mother

December 20, 2023 in News Tags:

A common problem among couples infertility, advanced reproductive technology, presence in the country of modern clinics, the liberal attitude of family law in Ukraine and recognized worldwide beauty Ukrainian women. All of this is the cause of the demand for fairly specific services – services of surrogacy and egg donation. And to answer the growing demand for supply, in turn, Poverty has led hundreds of young and healthy Ukrainians. 'I will become surrogate mother – bear your child. Ukrainian. 25. A son. Room service – $ 30 thousand ' – Is the ad on one of the Internet portals.

Our heroine – Ira is actively preparing become temporary mom baby conceived unfamiliar to her people. Very soon it 'to plant' embryos derived from cells of couples from Germany. This will make doctors from a clinic specializing in treatment of infertility. The main motive of surrogate mothers is a desire to earn. Assisted reproductive technology (ART) – which include ivf, surrogacy services and donation of eggs – in Ukraine practiced about 20 clinics. Why German couple who have entrusted Irina from Kiev to bear their unborn child, were patients Ukrainian clinics, easy to understand. The cost of art, ivf program in Ukraine is lower than in Western clinics. Moreover, in some countries, certain types of art – services use surrogate mothers, donor eggs – simply prohibited.

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