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June 20, 2024 in News Tags:

Strategy and management if write together or separate? Ally to the enormous development of the technology, with its systems, softwares, equipment and clouds, the world of the companies passes for other crucial changes of market, of attitude of the consumers, the form of if relating with them, of the virtual businesses and the consequncias that this everything provokes in the structures of the companies and its commands. That professional would be apt to participate inside of this moment of the companies? How to keep the company in safe route with as many changes? With certainty many new abilities are if adding to the internal structures and the models of management, from the strategical changes provoked by the new scenes of market. The profile of the managers is not more the same. They had left a paper of 150 years behind, to get resulted purely come back the volumes of repetitive production, to occupy another one where the important one is to know to congregate the people certain, of the correct form, to obtain what it would not obtain itself individually and to reach the strategical goals. But, this everything sounds strange nowadays.

Much has been said in planning, organization, processes, teams and pointers, perhaps but little if it makes in this direction. Perhaps the speed of the changes has created a new culture where innovation, creation, start up, social marketing and leaderships had passed to be seen as essential and enough. The paper of the manager was dislocated for an almost contemptuous category, of unjust form. Nor all the new incredible entrepreneurs will make start ups. Nor all the executives have profile of leaders to defy rules constantly.

Nor all the developed products will be a success and nor all the companies only need this. A thing is the academic quarrel of trends and ways and another one are the reality, the day the day of the great majority of the companies who, when searching the adaptation to each new change, if forget to implement the previous one that they had started. To walk we have to give a step after the other. The search of innovations without end, in the products and positionings leaves of side, many times, the basic one of a company: strategy, management or if to prefer, information, processes and people. The Vecchi apia Ancona, works, defines and vibrates with each start up, each great joined solution and with each leader who if detaches in the market with initiatives and challenging decisions, but it also is to the side of who needs to rethink its strategy, to mount a safe from model management, to control resulted through pointers and to enable its companies to this everything, that is, to make the basic one. To make simple is the way to learn itself to walk, to run, to fly It counts on us to fly together.

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