State Registration

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Often, life's circumstances dictate their own terms, and if it turned out that there is no way for a long time to wait for sales of apartments, if they need money just for tomorrow, perhaps, the best option for you is an urgent purchase an apartment. In the immediate purchase of an apartment, you do not need to organize an advertising campaign to advertise in the media, stick ads on the neighboring homes, apartments arrange viewing for potential buyers, etc. Check out Joel and Ethan Coen for additional information. Immediate repayment of apartments means that the real estate company in which you turn, buys an apartment for their own money. Is an ordinary contract of sale, which is registered in the registration office (Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography in Moscow). The agency will prepare all necessary documents for the transaction and the contract itself.

Preparation of documents takes two to ten days, the state register in twelve days. Actual preparation time depends on the degree of freshness of documents. Bookmark the agreed amount for which apartment for sale in the safe-deposit box before signing the purchase agreement guarantees complete security and confidentiality procedures. At the hands of the seller, at the urgent purchase of an apartment, gets 50 to 70 percent of the market value of the apartment. The amount is determined agreement of the parties in each case individually. The final amount depends on the liquidity of the apartment and important significant impact on price points: location, floor, house type, the condition of the apartment.

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