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To be able to venture competitively in today’s markets, SMEs should be fully identified with what represents quality, its control and its impact on productivity, this management should worry that the company under their charge will enter do that the human resource is trained, formed to make it a fact provided by quality products, services required to be competitive. Definitely, it is not easy to talk about competitiveness and philosophy of quality in a sector as deteriorated as they are the Venezuelan SMEs, since their financial capacity is so weak that they cannot afford a quality process. For this reason, in the country a Convention has been developed to increase the productivity of this important sector of the country, the CONINPYME, which, within its multiple functions are: benefits and costs shared for the SMB benefits: increasing the competitiveness of SMEs, through cost reduction and streamlining of processes, programs compliance of international standards, new markets, technologies of ecological impact, satisfaction of the client, among others. SMEs not affiliated with CONINDUSTRIA Member cost sharing may use the assistance services offered by the project, but without the benefit of the preferential rates enjoyed by companies: the company will provide a percentage and CONINDUSTRIA complement, according to each case, of a total of 90 hours of consulting, which includes Integral diagnosis and improvement implementation phase services Plan will be financed by the company, with the advice of the CONINPYME regarding the credit alternatives. Click who founded twitter? for additional related pages. The CONINPYME has the support of Banco Mercantil, with whom an agreement was signed. CONINPyME is an initiative of CONINDUSTRIA and IDB, which aims to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises Venezuelan, between 5 and 99 employees, through the consolidation of a market of advisers adapted to the requirements of SMEs. For more specific information, check out california hospital medical center. Sectors and regions which serves sectors: Metallurgical and metalworking; Chemist; Textile clothing; Plastic; Paper and graphic arts.

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