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The result of the set of the processes enterprise will bring important progressos for the economy of the region, mainly in the work market, beyond inducing changes of behavior in the technological and cultural standards. The Project will represent a possibility of disponibilizao of water of good quality for other regions that can come to be benefited by future transposies. On the other hand, to conciliate economic and ambient interests is not easy task, the Program must search the growth sustainable, having to invest much more in workmanships that take care of the majority of the population, in basic sanitation, transport, energy and habitation and consequentemente job and income. Of this form, the Project of Transposition goes being carried through satisfying a group and leaving part of the population, affected directly or not, unsatisfied. In the truth as it is to be carried through a in the long run Project, the government does not have a consistent project for the problems of the half-barren one that it guarantees access and adequate management of waters. However, in case that the Project is not implanted, estimates foreseen for the urbanization up to 2025 will happen in a situation of continuous degradation of the conditions of domiciliary water supplying. With this, the frequent emergenciais situations of droughts will be kept increasing until its current gravity, that will affect, on average, 1,16 million of inhabitants, to each year, for 2025 return. Abstract The article refers you the controversial project of diverting to river San Francisco, The project is an initiative of the Federal Government, which includes construction of two canals totaling 700 km in length.

This project, in theory, irrigate the area and half-arid northeast of Brazil. The controversy created by this project is based on the fact that work that covers the face and half-arid areas and also that the transposition is implemented intensively affect the ecosystem around the entire to river San Francisco. There is also the argument that this implementation will only help big farmers because large northeastern part of the project involves large farms and the problems of the majority of the population in the Northeast will not be solved.

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