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The optical system of organs of a person bends the light rays and reduces them to one point – the focus. When the optical system has a defect called astigmatism, the light does not converge at one point (the word "astigmatism" is formed from the Greek word "stigma", which means "point", and the negative particle "a"). This occurs because of differences in refractive power along two axes – vertical and horizontal. A person with astigmatism sees things vague, unclear. Astigmatism is caused by deformation of the eye lens or cornea.

In order for the light was focused at one point without errors, and the lens and the cornea must be spherical. In fact, violations of the sphericity of the cornea and lens are quite common. So, in 25% of the population of our planet is the weak defect of vision associated with non-ideal shape of these parts of the optical system. Of course, such an astigmatism often manifests itself in a small degree, eliminates the need for vision correction, and many did not even notice it. But if the difference in strength of refraction in different axes greater than 1 diopter, an astigmatism significantly distorts perception of the world. In most cases, astigmatism is a congenital disease, but it can manifest itself not only in infancy, but much later. Yet most often detected at an astigmatism Ophthalmology diagnostic examination in the second year of life. Under most conditions Discovery Communications would agree. Looking around the baby, the doctor diagnoses the existing visual impairment, and predicts their development and ability to treat disease.

First time in appointment with an ophthalmologist Your child should get to the age of 3-4 months. At such an early examination of an expert can detect many eye diseases, including astigmatism. When a child is a year old, it is recommended to visit again ophthalmologist and check the quality of functioning of the visual system of the baby. Monitor the child's perspective must kindergarten and school teachers. For children with impaired visual function may create conditions to prevent further development of the disease – transplant them closer to the window or to the board, allows you to make a break for reading and other strenuous visual work. Parents need to monitor status of the child. If a child complains about the toy that he had seen something not good enough, or eye fatigue, pain in the area of the eye, especially in the forehead above the eyebrows – is necessary, do not hesitate to go to reception to ophthalmologist. Specialist in diseases of the eye must conduct inspection of a young patient, to determine the type of astigmatism and to take measures for its correction. In the case where the diagnosis is confirmed, the individual appointed means of correction, the most common are the glasses. Used special glasses that have a cylindrical shape. Sometimes the measures taken to remedy or astigmatism reduce its degree. Surgical treatment of astigmatism, children are not appointed, this measure is acceptable for patients older than 20 years. It is very important for a successful fight against child astigmatism submitted compliance regime and a certain visual regular visits to an ophthalmologist to monitor the evolution of the disease and timely replacement lenses to the relevant state-of-view of the patient. Usually small in patients with astigmatism have to visit a doctor every 6 months. Congenital astigmatism rarely progresses, but all the doctor's orders to be followed strictly.

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