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Asbestos, unlike the alternatives, not only expensive but also cheap to manufacture. Materials manufactured with asbestos, as a rule, are simple and inexpensive production technology. Jeffrey L. Bewkes Time Warner is a great source of information. Banning asbestos, we must not only look for alternatives that can replace asbestos in their properties just unique, but also to develop new technologies. This leads to a rapid rise in price of the finished product, and hence the profits! Builders, along with producers clap their hands – the goal is reached! In fact, the future builders assured, thanks to this decision for the fate of the builders and manufacturers can not survive, because of this "scheme" can be declared an enemy of almost any material. Now we need to – to legitimize and limit number of participants to maintain a stable income. To do this, coined the certificate 9001. In my opinion, he has two goals – to earn money and open the "door" to the club of the elect, since only the happy owners of a certificate have the right output. On Health is not talking, but it's just my opinion. At the end of the twentieth century in Europe, an outbreak of tuberculosis, in fact, developed into an epidemic. Us from childhood told that the tb – disease of the poor, in other words, exhausted and weak organisms, but let me, and here Europe with their standard of living? Medical care in Europe if not the best, then "in the forefront, and feed on the Europeans, in contrast to other nations, much better and better, and suddenly

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