Manuela Plenk

May 7, 2014 in News Tags: ,

With its booming electronics industry in South Korea well two years after the launch of preeflow delivers ViscoTec the thousandth eco-PEN from Korea. The sale of preeflow is especially increasing products in Asian countries. Especially in South Korea, ViscoTec anticipates strong growth due to the recent booming electronics industry. The preeflow product group is a plug & play dosing system. It is the smallest system on the market that works after the ViscoTec endless piston principle. This system is characterized by volumetric dispensing and exceptionally easy handling and maintenance. The piece de resistance on the Korean market is the eco-PEN 600.

This is reinforced in the Smartphone industry. These phones, which provide more computer functionality and connectivity than a conventional, advanced mobile phone are individually upgradable via additional applications. The trend to the Smartphone has grown enormously in recent years and the Korean manufacturers are in this Industry leader. For preeflow, the development and establishment of Asian countries was a great success in the last two years. To celebrate this happy event of 1000 exported eco PENs, the company Viscotec a traditional breakfast of Weisswurst with pretzels and beer bought its employees to thank them for their outstanding achievements in the preeflow Division. Contact marketing: Manuela Plenk

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