Managing Director Martin Schmidt

June 23, 2024 in News Tags: ,

FREYLER plant industry building and Markgraflerland herb farm implements with Herb Exchange actually wanted to build even as the herb farm, which he already successfully operates in Burkheim, Martin Schmidt only 40 km further to the South Hill home, just before the French border. Visitors should also dive into the world of fragrances, herbs and spices and get browsing and of course the shopping pleasure. But then took new forms of an old idea: instead of a small tearoom to try a herbal room was now a restaurant with dishes in which the spices from the herb farm perfectly develop their effect. For planning and implementing its new Managing Director Martin Schmidt has brought very early a competent partner is at his side: the FREYLER Industriebau GmbH. Already before the purchase of the appropriate property he has included FREYLER, the planners were so even at this early stage include connection to the Building Authority and check the conditions. Schmidt have in common and the architects of FREYLER then developed a concept that has gradually grown to the today’s herb farm.

Initially, the client wanted a one-storey building with a huge base, but the zoning regulations called for two rounds. From this point, the idea of an integrated food arose then. On the floor, place was now for a herbal room, where herbs and spices also can be tried as a special whistle of the tasty dishes from the kitchen. With the restaurant on the first floor the wish was to a terrace which now harmoniously as a balcony on three sides of the building into the architecture. So FREYLER has developed a concept optimally it tailored to industrial construction finally and above all with the builders. The existing buildings in Burkheim was the template\”, explains Harald Stramka, the central contact at FREYLER who oversees the project comprehensively and coordinated.

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