Jakob Nielsen

November 3, 2018 in News

the acknowledged guru of usability and accessibility issues of public Web in recent days one of his famous article in which it set out a series of tips on how we have to write the contents of our website. These councils detailing the typical mistakes made in the online environment when put in writing what we want to communicate to our potential customers. When writing for the Web is because we want to be found "If you do not appear on the first page of search results you might not exist" is the phrase that begins the article by Jakob Nielsen. Certainly search engines are a means of attracting more traffic important to a Web site that contains a high dose of contents. In search engine optimization search engines thrive on content that our web pages have to be placed in certain positions within their databases. Search engines are continuously improving their relevancy algorithms to display pages that have content more similar to those that are searching the Web.

Any text you type into a Web page is a bait for users of search engines. People use their own terminology in front of a search There are many Internet articles saying that the "content is king" but if the king does not speak the same way that his subjects are of no avail to have much content. When we drafted the contents of a Web page we make the typical mistake of copying what the dossier said sales of the company, or what is in the corporate book, or worse, put the mission and vision of the company to explain the products and services they sell.

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