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October 26, 2023 in News Tags:

Violations were public hearings – on the preparation of documentation for the planning of the territory taken by the local government, was not published within three days from the date of such decision, and it was not posted on the official site of the settlement or on the official site of the city district on the Internet, say activists. Place of public hearings has not been determined by the Head of a separate district, and themselves hearings have been scheduled for April 30 in the last business day before the long May holidays. A second attempt made in September. If in April the citizens presented a map on which more than 100 homes in the heart could be seen marked by hatching, which establishes the territory as planned for reconstruction, then the September meeting of cbt with Deputy Mayor Vidnoye Alexander Uskov, activists presented a card on which was removed hatching 'reconstructed' not only with the house surrounded by gardens, but also from all other buildings of the city. Deputy Mayor explained that some of them are really 'dilapidated housing' and will go under 'reconstruction' as soon as an investor. Now they are marked in gray, as 'saved'.

It turns out that the strategy has changed, and 'Rules of Land Use and Prominent buildings rn 'intend to adopt, without irritating the term' reconstruction '. Moreover, an area where historically there were two-story house on the map marked as the territory of the building permit 4-storey apartment cottages. Even the terminology used in the 'Rules' gives food for thought. For example, major repairs, in the case of physical deterioration of structural elements of buildings may include complete their change There are many other things, alarming local residents and developers, leaving room for maneuver. On the eve of public hearings on the adoption of the 'right', and the head of local administration there are 10 days to decide on the direction of this project to a representative body of local government or the administration of the document for revision. Something where the administration has moved from rhetoric to reality: for example, in the best style dot building, sweeping the playgrounds and parking spaces residents, construction began on 7- house on the street factory. But local residents are ready to fight to the last. Credit: Eva Andersson-Dubin-2011. "If our right to align Regulation land will not be implemented, we will challenge the administration. Apparently 'Moscow lessons' do not go in store Leninsky district administration' – activists say.

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