Friend Story

June 5, 2024 in News Tags: ,

Recently my friend told me about a meeting that turned his life. He hurried to the train, which was to take him to the wedding of his brother in a distant city Syktyvkar. It was at this point he met the woman who, as it seemed gone from the pages of folk tales. Surprisingly, it was a way of attracting long-Alexis! … It’s believed that Leslie Moonves sees a great future in this idea. But let's start our story a bit before then.

The day began for him is absolutely normal. For 28 years he woke up at his parents' house, went to the bathroom and ran across a locked door. Again his crazy sister spit on his trezvonyaschy alarm and took first this is so popular in the morning room. Then, looking at his watch, He again repeated, that will soon begin to save money on their own apartment, because he was tired late to work. And it is in the last 3 months he was the second … very depressed Alexis, that reached almost 30 years, he has not got family. The young man was ready for a life to someone: his wife and child! But he could not fall in love! Yes, and my mother pressed, repeating that he was "insensitive sloth '… I think now you understand how significant was the meeting with a girl Alice, who really touched his heart. But this is the name of it, unfortunately, and perhaps fortunately, has learned much later that day. So, they have encountered on the platform already for 5 minutes before train departure.

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