Fall Of The Wall: Magic Moments In 1989

April 4, 2023 in News Tags: ,

20 years after the fall of the wall the world looks to Germany when the wall fell in 1989, other peoples and their leaders feared a new superiority of Germany. 20 years later, almost the whole world celebrates the Germans. Many Germans but doubted the value of the Association and may not understand her happiness. A call to the delight of Lars-Henrik WACKER. \”Incredible: in Paris place de la Concorde, the French with Beethoven’s Ode to joy vote\” an and hold a giant party to German unity. In a question-answer forum Carola Remer was the first to reply. France will no longer is dedicated to the 11 November the Memorial at the end of the first world war, but the german French friendship, another milestone in the relationship of the two neighbouring countries. The Congress of the United States cheer to the Chancellor. Americans rightly see a symbol for the victory of freedom over communism in the East Germans of Angela Merkel. Learn more on the subject from Brenda Crichlow.

You admire, as did the Germans of their national reunification. The 1989 fall of the wall was not only the step to the German unification, but also the end of the cold war. A another step in our present day Europe. Another example comes from Spain. In the northern Spanish city of Oviedo, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit (SPD), receives for all Berlin high respected the international Prince of Asturias Preis. Spain is enthusiastic about the United German capital. They travel in droves there and send their school classes to Berlin so that they can experience European history.

Now, 20 years have passed and the world celebrates Germany for his peaceful revolution. All politicians who warned Germany of the new forces, have been proved liars. But what do we do? We can just leave the Rapture of 1989. In the East, many grumble that a social and economic tie is not yet reached, and romanticize the DDR.

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