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Exodus 14 1 – Then the Moiss spoke to you, saying: 2 – It speaks to the children of Israel who come back, and that they camp ahead of Pi-Hairote, between Migdol and the sea, ahead of Baal-Zefom; in front of it you will seat the field next to the sea. People such as CBS would likely agree. 3 – Then Fara will say of the children of Israel: They are embarrassed in the land, locked up them to the desert. 4 – I will harden the heart of Fara, he pursues so that them, and will be glorified in Fara and all its army, and I will know the Egyptians who I am you. they had made thus. 5 – Being, therefore, announced the king of Egypt that the people ran away, the heart was changed of Fara and its servants against the people, and they had said: Why we made this, having left to go Israel, so that she does not serve in them? 6 – prepared its car, and took obtains its people; 7 – took six hundred cars chosen, and all the cars of Egypt, and the captains on them all.

8 – Because he hardened you the heart of Fara, king of Egypt, so that he pursued the children of Israel; however the children of Israel had left with high hand. 9- the Egyptians had pursued them, all the horses and cars of Fara, and its knights and its army, and had reached them camped next to the sea, close to Pi-Hairote, ahead to Baal-Zefom. 10 – approaching Fara, the children of Israel had raised its eyes, and here it is that the Egyptians came behind them, and had feared very; then the children of Israel clamaram the Mr. 11 – had said the Moiss: It did not have tombs in Egypt, stops taking off in them of there, so that let us die in this desert? Why in them you made this, making to leave us Egypt? 12 – The word is not this that we speak to you in Egypt, saying: It leaves us, that let us serve the Egyptians? Therefore that better in the rejection to serve the Egyptians, of what to die in the desert.

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