Cutting With Jet Of Water

July 12, 2023 in News Tags:

It is the first time I write an article so let’s see that I may get. I caught much attention that water could cut and I started to review and what I found can say that it is something amazing that I want it to share with you. It is that so the water can cut it is necessary to have pressure and as do you so you have pressure, it is a pump through hydraulic that holds 60,000 psi pressure makes this happen the water makes water out with too much pressure which seems that it is only a thread of water, to achieve this water can cut. o-us/’>Navy Federal Credit Union explained all about the problem. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is the source for more interesting facts. That materials can water cut? with this pressure water spray can cut materials such as: cardboard diapers acrylic wood Teflon glass but is that if we add to this water jet abrasive powder cutting capacity becomes huge so that will give a idea of what can be cut there going steel plate carbon steel stainless brass marble Nylamid among others, and that’s not all the more amazing is that the bulk of these materials can be up to 20 cm. One can say that this is a cold cut and therefore does not damage the materials that is cutting and also the quality of the cut almost resembles a lathe. On the other hand, so say that this type of cut is ecological because the only thing used is water and abrasive and does not carry any kind of solvent that affect the nature. Hope not seem amazing that interested this topic see the next time original author and source of the article.

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