Cone Crusher

September 13, 2023 in News Tags: , , ,

Cone Crusher was assembled by the factory and supply to the society, after the user receiving them, it should be carefully examined in order to discover and eliminate potential problems in transit. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Checking the mineral processing equipment is an essential part of working. Therefore, when we do the machine installation, adjustment and commissioning works, we should pay attention to: 1. Since the vibration is great when the machine work, so the machine should be installed above the concrete foundation in order to reduce vibration, noise, and the impact on nearby building foundations, hardwood pallets, rubber pad cover or other snubber materials can be used in the middle of the hammer crusher and the concrete foundation; 2, the basis of height, depth and area of soil conditions should be calculated separately, machine installation dimensions should be correctly given; 3, based on the row trough, the metal plate should be laid, and the tilt angle should be large (preferably greater than 500) so as not to hinder crushing boredom smooth discharge; 4, the size of the discharge should be adjusted according to the desired product size, when adjusting, we should loose the T-bolt and in the spring, using the top bolt to open the top to adjust the seat, insert, or discharge corresponding thickness of the gasket, and then back from the top bolt, adjust the weight of the moving jaw, close to the seat in the rack ears; Gaskets pressure to rope together, and pre-Renaissance, adjust the spring preload bracket and the bracket in order to ensure that the machines work pad snapping, but the neck pressure should not be too large, as long as no mechanical thud is made, at last, lock the the adjusting seat; 5, after the machine installation and commissioning, the testing working should be conducted. ticle. Non-load test contain the following items:? continuous operation 2 hours, bearing temperature does not exceed 300 c; (2) All fasteners should be firmly without loosening;? flywheel, pulley operates smoothly; (4) all friction parts, no scratches, swap phenomenon of debris and grinding, all normal sound;? adjusting device, adjust the device to ensure that the range and have 10-50 nesting population adjustment. Load test include the following items: (1) crusher shall not arise cyclical or significantly impact sound; (2) the maximum feed particle size should be consistent with design requirements;? continuous operation of 8 hours, the bears rising temperature? 300 C (4) device processing capacity and product size should be consistent with design requirements; (5) adjustment between the seat and rack ears is stable.. .

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