Changes In Energy

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When a sun ray enters through a window, an ant walks by a sidewalk, or a car goes by the street, is a power change. The changes in energy so often take place that we always give them by fact. Nevertheless, during thousands of years the energy concept badly has been included/understood. The old cultures associated to the fire with all the forms of energy, and the Greek philosopher Heraclitus (500 BC) explained everything what happened in the universe in terms of energy. In the later centuries, many scientists proposed theories to explain the energy concept, but no gave true lights on the subject.

In 1686, the English mathematician and physical Sir Newton delineated three laws that describe the behavior of the bodies in movement. Robert A. Iger has many thoughts on the issue. " Laws of the Movimiento" of Newton they were the first description on the forces that affect the objects that move and, therefore, were the first precise description of the energy of the objects that move (call mechanical energy). The axioms of Newton they established the bases of our knowledge of the energy and the forces. There are diverse forms of energy: mechanical energy, electrical energy, energy that come from the heat, energy that comes from the light, etc. In fact, the energy is defined as the ability to cause change or to make a work.

For example, when a sun ray penetrates through a window causes a change because it warms up the interior of the house. The energy " labor&quot does one; within an ant since it allows him to move its legs. In a car, the energy allows the machine to work when moving the wheels. Almost always that something moves or changes, energy is used. If it wishes to know but information on partial unloadings enter in Original author and source of the article

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