Beautiful Tea

December 29, 2023 in News Tags:

Since the main field of application of our consulting efforts are beauty salons in St. Petersburg, of which there are at least fifteen hundred, for a start it would be nice to formulate some simple rules for them. The rules aim to relate to your client. Are more of organizational and attitudinal. Follow them or not, this question is almost as acute as it prosper and grow forever or leave the market. About availability of skilled and talented artists I just keep silence. But, as is sometimes annoying to see such obvious mistakes that are visible to the naked eye the consumer.

And so, here they are – important step not only to survive but also to prosperity in this market superkonkurentnom: 9 simple rules for a beauty salon. Welcome, always first, preferably with a smile. In fact, no one is annoying. On the contrary. 2. The visitor does not want to listen to party conversations of employees, if they do not relate to most visitors, how to make something better for him. 3. None of the staff, including cleaners and security guards must not stand on the porch and smoke.

At the sight of such a picture of the visitor drops the level of respect and, therefore, desire rastovatsya to his means. 4. Do not say "no." It is better to say that you do everything you can to help solve the problem. 5. Please contact us on behalf of the people who visit your salon. Hard to remember all the names, but will be even harder when no one will remember. 6. If a person has to wait, always offer coffee or tea. Spend some money on the machine. Do not regret spending on the presence of 2.3 varieties of tea. This change will provide you and delight customers. 7. Current magazines about hairdos, makeup and fashion as a whole must be on hand. Lying separately for women, separately for men. Yes, yes, men too would considered modern hairstyles in magazines, if not only trudnoizvlechimost them from under the pile of women's magazines. 8. Do not rush! People perceive it as a desire to quickly get rid of them. You do not own fast food restaurant. No one wants to experience time savings for yourself. 9. Each master must have a business card, and not one with information about all the cabin. Thus, the client is aware that this is his master. As you can see, these rules do not nothing complicated. Start to follow them today.

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