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Therefore applies: only the highest quality meat insert and abstain completely from raw pork. To dental care and as a natural calcium – and Mineralsoffquelle raw bones are offered. Bowel perforations can occur due to tip and shattered bones as well as clogging in improper feeding. Therefore applies: only approved and / or feed ‘soft’ bones in adequate amounts. “The Wolf wasn’t even on the wheat field and has ears eaten, so please no grain.” To hear this argument unfortunately lately very often, not only from BARFern.

No, he, already prey, their stomach contents of digested cereal and vegetables contained certainly but didn’t. The reluctance of many BARFer against grain based and has several causes to first of all once sure that raw cereal is a low Digestibility for the intestines of the dog shows. Evolutionarily not a miracle, since both grain as also by the way the much coveted by BARFern vegetables, namely benefited the ancestors of the dog only in pre digested form, on the stomach and intestinal contents of the prey. This also explains why plant oils in BARF rations frequently find application and grain itself does not. Oils are for the dog raw usually very digestible. One utilizes some of the important ingredients of grain this indirectly, so that the term “grain-free” is taken not quite correct in fact. It should be remembered that in the recent widespread discussion about a completely grain-free dog feeding always also. Raw vegetables is very much fed by BARFern.

What is unfortunately forgetting: as well as raw grain for the digestive tract of the dog’s hard to digest is that this is the case also with raw vegetables. Here is to forget, that offers both, cereals and vegetables, the ancestors of the dog in the digested form were, namely as the stomach contents of the prey. Compare not BARF rations with dried fodder compositions. Other rules apply to a raw food feeding than for providing a dry all one Chuck. The success of natural feeding concept requires however always: use exclusively from high-quality, welfare food components matched according to a coherent formula and on the type of preparation. Freedom of all synthetic additives, exotic components, and in the laboratory manufactured ‘ must haves’, just in the trend are consistent trust in the nature for the benefit of the dog

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