When In Love Couple Turns Into Addiction

July 23, 2019 in News

When the love of the couple is confused with an addiction love is a feeling, but it is also a concept. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Zaslav. Love something or someone is keeping a positive affective disposition. When love evidenced by our actions, our interest and our attitudes. Get all the facts and insights with Paul Ostling, another great source of information. However, at times the love that I have want is expressed in a certain way. Yes not manifested as I understand it, then it is not love, there mere is when, that love becomes concept.

The more simple question, but one of the more complex answer is: do I understand by love? How do you need to express that to what I named as love? Yes do not resolve these questions, perhaps, can confuse love with addiction or attachment. When we are not able to think about ourselves, our couples and relationships, then, we run the risk of falling and confuse love with addiction. Love lets feel alive, the addiction to the couple we are filled with suffering, fear and shame. Addiction It means to not do without what they supposedly give me welfare. Addiction means not being able to renounce that something to me is as necessary as it may be, food, drink, shopping, drugs, or destructive relationships. There is also a suffering addiction, oddly enough, some people consider Yes love doesn’t hurt, doesn’t make sense.

So at times, love is confused with the possibility of having to require the other to live. How much suffering in the name of love! When love is interwoven with addiction, we are full of anxiety, we can not be spontaneous, are looking for the best time to treat problems, require appropriate words to justify our actions, surely and then we find ourselves in an addictive relationship to love. When the relationship as a couple, sad, confrontante or stressful as it seems us, keeps us more in discomfort, we are certainly living an addictive rather than loving relationship.

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