What Is A Sales Letter

July 29, 2014 in News

Difference between’ Landing Page or landing page ‘Sales Letter’ Letter Linking to What are trace messages’ Email marketing. What is a Bill of Sale “. This is where you explain all the details of your business, for people who already are subscribers, that is already registered in the landing page.This letter may be sent each month for 4 months straight. Example: “Discover all the details to develop your Internet MLM business Content: The business in question, are the data that build credibility and trust, photo, signature, video, because you must do this business, testimonials, if they have them (real), now if that is the product, what is your company, which is the business opportunity, the investment is, how the compensation plan (if you can insert videos, much better), benefits affiliate for this business, more testimonials, more benefits than have this opportunity, which is what you get for paying for this membership, that gift, which is what is needed, as you link, click here to start now. You must be a place where the subscriber says, “I understood the business, I started right away, and from there you make a custom channel, and you are shown the procedure to register your business. I never put the bill of sale in the landing page, because it found that does not work, because the person who sees the letter, you may not see it, because it seems too long or if the looks and sounds interesting, you may forget, because activity returns to normal, daily routine. That’s why you need a monitoring plan. The sales letter must have your own domain, eg .www.tudominio.com/cv1.htm What are the messages monitoring ‘. They are emails that are sent to subscribers and received in your inbox, short, straight to the point, recommended text, also may be in html, the trace message should have only one objective, if my goal is to visit my sales letter, you must have a single instruction, adding no more details. Since the case must be a single target, as clear as possible, not to cause confusion, indeed to be repeated two or three times the link to click on that link, the aim should be to click, one goal, the easier it will do things our afflictions, it is much better. (That’s email marketing) Les shipping notices, new entrance Blog, address, etc.. can also be used to visit our sales letter, not recommended, put the letter in any sales message (rather use a strategy known 2-step, the first step will command the follow-up email in a second step, see my bill of sale) Within the sales letter, it should put a link to FAQs, where clarification of questions that we usually make people interested in our business proposition. And when a person is ready to participate in our proposal, is where we have a link to our letter of attachment. This is not a sales letter, you must not persuade or attract attention, but rather must come the information, the instructions on how to join your business. There are businesses that linking can be done from the internet, and can prepare a video which explains the detailed procedure of how to link to your business.

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