The Views Over The Edge Of The Plate Is Important

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Schmitz-Werke from Westphalia received award of the Handelsblatt Conference ‘Open innovation’ In the fierce global competition for market share a willingness to innovate is crucial to survive as a company in the future. The Schmitz-Werke from Emsdetten opened so well 10 years ago the subject of innovation. In early December she drew the Handelsblatt Conference on open innovation”now with the award of best open innovator 2010″ from. The prize was awarded this year for the first time. From over 200 participating companies, the Panel acknowledged after all four companies an excellent open-innovation”concept.

The Schmitz-Werke convinced as best small and medium-sized business. Always at a glance the family business began the benefit of the customer almost 90 years ago as a pure textile manufacturer. Today produce the now 800 employees except decoration fabric and curtains (drapilux) also free air textiles (swela) and quality awnings (markilux). The Schmitz-Werke are doing this on niche products such as specialty textiles, the unangenehme Eliminate odors and harmful substances, and awnings. In the 1970s, the company with its industrially produced solar shading systems conquered the market and over the years in Germany the innovation leadership. Today, the Schmitz-Werke among the best-selling awning manufacturers in Europe, with a high proportion of export.

We focus on, continue to perfect our products, for a clear brand profile and for the benefit of the customers”, is the credo by Executive Director Justus Schmitz. Always looking for new solutions for this one must be open and ready to enter new terrain. The Schmitz-Werke do just that for more than ten years. They live the so-called open innovation approach”, by involving employees and customers in their product development, cooperation with other even ancillary companies, universities and research institutions. This strategy has brought us a growth of up to five percent and now even an award. about which we very happy”, says Marketing Director Dan Schmitz, who is also a member of the Executive Board since 2009 and would like to continue the course of innovation of his father. Radical”innovations through enterprise cooperation innovation at the Schmitz-Werke always begins with the question: where can be new materials or innovative techniques? This was followed by the systematic work. Two employees specialize in finding new impulses for the textiles and awning business. Examine trends, visit trade fairs, research databases and specific magazines. But mostly collaborations with other companies are important. Here were the most radical”innovations produced. Let also the fastest to realise”, know Gunter Schottler, markilux we are to cooperate with company technical director who brought to market their products through long series of tests and practical usage. For us this means: faster development, faster in-house decisions, a speedier Patent application and a smoother entry.” Open innovation cooperation continue to expand the share of open innovation cooperation over internal projects is currently with 23 cooperation 40 percent. You wanted still further expand this in the coming years, internationally. The objective is an innovation in the market and every three years with a breakthrough innovation annually to bring”to score points. With such innovations we set trends, which are then often also from the competition”, forward Dan Schmitz. That is a drive motor again to develop new. You have so much for the future. Such open innovation projects in the biochemistry, biophysics, or photovoltaics. Look beyond the edge of the plate is important and we will keep this openness,”is the conclusion by Schmitz-junior.

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