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Save on energy costs, the future belongs to the alternative sources of energy by photovoltaic. Is also Marco Fendt, operator of the Web site,-aware. To emphasize this idea, fendt on its website describes the consequences of the nuclear disaster of Fukushima, the second of its kind after the disaster from the Ukrainian town of Chernobyl. This makes it clear that energy from nuclear extraction promises no secure future, which is why the German Government after the event in Fukushima took a drastic way and not continued unbroken on nuclear power plants for the production of energy”, said Marco Fendt. Many people in Germany welcomed this step and no longer were relieved that a nuclear destruction more posed no more threat at least in their own country. But in all relief must be remember that energy is important for the functioning of a society.

Both industry as well private households are dependent on energy, and without the mains power the familiar everyday life would not at all more work”, says the construction expert. The phasing out of nuclear power would cause significant cost, carrying mainly households. According to forecasts, the power from the wall outlet to double quasi in the next 15 years. So that you can make independent generators as a private person, you could choose a solar house among others. This provides also clean electricity, the owner knows Marco Fendt. Not only are the costs, which are incurred for the installation of a solar system, generated again possibly after four years that the energy that provides a solar House that is clean and not polluting, depending on individual power consumption. After this period of time every kilowatt hour that it has received from its solar house, is a savings that is immediately reflected on the incidental expenses accounting,”the holder of the Web page explains the benefits of environmentally friendly power supply. In addition, Marco Fendt portrays how works as a solar house.

On the roof of a normal House be at an angle, which ideally is 45 degrees, depending on the available space a variety of photovoltaic modules, which are aligned to the Sun. The angle for constructional reasons can be no 45 degrees, it is easily possible to take differences in purchase, even if the energy this is diminished. The photovoltaic modules aligned to the Sun to absorb the Sun’s heat energy and convert it directly into electricity. This is made possible by small solar cells, which in a large number in the every photovoltaic module are installed. Solar cells usually made of the material are made for economic reasons silicon, which is safe from a health perspective, but also other materials are used for the manufacture of solar cells. The physical basis, which makes possible the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy, is the so-called inner lichtelektrische effect “, says Marco Fendt. What does this effect practically, but also other information on the subject of solar house There are energy under /… . The modern and innovative building portal is a free service to compare several construction companies. By comparing well-known construction companies save time and money during the construction of your House. How to find the appropriate, affordable, and reliable provider of house construction in your area. Bauunternehmen24.NET is operated by: Marco Fendt Fendt real estate Ludwig-RIF-str. 70 b D-86465 Welden OT Reutern 08293965423, + 49-proposal 965423

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