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And to maintain the attractiveness of and interest on the part of females, whales are constantly changing their mating songs. In addition, this musical fantasy is also connected with the struggle for survival due to the fact that the Greenland whales at risk of disappearance. Date of the week: The International Day of homeless animals yesterday, 16 August, around the world marked the International Day of homeless animals. This date is annually celebrate the initiative of the International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR, USA). The main objective of the International Day for homeless animals – to pay attention to the problem of animals deprived of hosts and living the street life in cities and towns of our planet. In Russia there are now about 120 thousands of homeless animals. Among them – as lost pets, and those who were thrown into the street owners.

Many animals are born and spent his whole life on the street. Unfortunately, in Russia there is no competent policy homeless animals. Only 10 shelters for homeless animals there are in our country. The problem of stray dogs and cats are usually solved quite inhumane methods. Zoozaschitniki constantly turning to authorities to affect the solution to the problem of stray animals. However, the solution to this problem depends not only on our officials, in many respects the people themselves must change their attitude to our younger brothers, to realize all that responsibility that we place on ourselves, taking home a kitten or puppy. After all, as written by Antoine Saint-Exupery: "We are responsible for those, who tamed …'. Photo-fact: The impact of Typhoon 'Morakot' most powerful flood in half a century in Taiwan, dozens of victims in Japan and hundreds of homes destroyed in China – these are the consequences of typhoons that have raged in Asia for more than a week. In our PHOTO last week we presented photos of the epicenter of the rampant disaster in Asia: The consequences of the typhoon 'Morakot'.

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