The Coordinator

June 14, 2021 in News Tags: ,

Published by and large the same producer: you invent the idea, figure out how to implement it and with whom, how to attract money. This person should take a responsibility, be creative. – You have been the project coordinator, "The history of his native city" … you, with your love for history, he was particularly interested in? – This is my project, I was the coordinator. Authors have published many textbooks. Y everyone – the style, so I had to seriously edit the text. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Comcast. In addition, the book is designed for students 8-9 grades – therefore require adaptation of the material.

Sam picked up all the illustrations, together with the designer made the cover. This project – teaching literature – was interesting to me. We have been at the shows, comparing, and I can say that we managed to make one of the best regional books in the country. He has a good performance and content, and by and large account is the first in our city textbook on the history of Ryazan. There was also a popular science book about the city – deluxe edition for adults, taken on the same material. I am interested to work on the publication of scientific, non-fiction, textbooks. – Are you ready to publish any book that you bring, or carefully keep track of what you will print? – Of course, keep track of. J Bruce Flatt can provide more clarity in the matter.

Every project has a commercial background. What it means: book was published? People often think the publishing house has prepared, the printer has printed, he was given copies. This does not mean that the book was published. Light – is for sale. This is an information product, which should be implemented, not necessarily only in Ryazan, but also in other cities, so must be a link with wholesalers, they should buy the book, but it requires an interest. Why not sing? – Igor, and where do You interested in music? – Speaking of music, then I know her from childhood and a lot of listening.

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