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At the modern hub dynamos, switched on light costs not more force than driving without lights. Turn quickly in higher gears, since you have less presence. Slowing more cautiously than on dry pavement. Take advantage of this as possible only the rear brake and very economical the front brake. Slipping out of the front wheel is usually the cause of a crash. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Leslie Moonves. Avoid sudden movements of the Steering and abrupt braking. Go ahead, you can reduce the number of stunts.

Use the roadway as cyclists, bike paths in the ice and snow are not navigable. Jeff Bewkes follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The law allows in case of driving on the road. Drive it in the right hand lane. Keep to the side of the road, particularly to parked vehicles, a sufficient distance. Sudden ice surfaces at night caused by Frost and which may be a light blanket of snow lying are particularly treacherous. Yet even if day thaw has already started a ice surfaces. Always expecting such dangerous places and drive in doubt prefer on the cleared road. Use a helmet, increasing the likelihood of auto accidents in ice and snow.

Do not drive so but risky because a helmet can relieve only the consequences, but not prevent it. The ideal clothing consists of functional underwear, which does not absorb the moisture of the skin, but passes. Pull in a warm fleece and a jacket as protection against wind and rain. Clean the bike, especially the circuit and the brakes after driving roughly. Snow remaining on the wheel otherwise freeze overnight to block the wheel. Much more frequently than usual, you should lubricate the chain and clean the wheel and inspect for damage. Outside, leave the bike overnight. Snow, Frost and moisture significantly harm bicycle indefinitely. Who want to avoid wearing in the basement or apartment, who can select from a wide range of good bike garage now. In them, the wheel is turned off on the ground floor and out safely. Store the battery indoors on an electric bike. Cold or even frost could harm him and require an expensive replacement. The battery is also when not in use regularly to recharge. For more helpful information on the portal there are a total of 30 useful tips for riding a bike on ice and snow is deposited.

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