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But not only the collagen sheets use at the Academy of Beauty for skin hydration. There is, for example, elite cosmetics laboratories Marie Galland (Maria Galland, Paris). The moisturizing cosmetic range this series contains an exclusive proprietary component glitsengen. It superuvlazhnyayuschy complex, which provides immediate and long effect. The skin is smoothed, softened, it becomes more elastic. If you also need to deliver nutrients locally in a certain area the skin, then come to the aid mesotherapy. It is also called "pricks beauty." Fine needle that is inserted directly into the pores, nutrients and moisturizers are delivered directly to where they are needed most.

And you can done without needles. Special unit introduces nutrients into the right areas of the skin under the pressure of oxygen. From this procedure we obtain a double benefit: in addition to nutrients that enter the skin, helpful and very oxygen. Umaschenie body to body massage therapist from the Academy of Beauty makes an oil-salt peels. From the name suggests, the main cleaning ingredient is salt, mixed with oil. The Academy uses salt Dead Sea, and vegetable oils for massage, exfoliation selected individually for each client. In this "Beauty Academy" fitness club "Kimberley Land" area specialists use techniques of Ayurveda (the so-called ancient Indian "science of life").

When the massage is over, remaining oil and salt are removed, and it's time to moisturize the skin and the updated body. The skin on the body, say professionals, generally drier than on the face. Therefore, when moisturizing body more important than when wet face, are fat components.

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