Test-drive Mazda CX-7

December 24, 2014 in News Tags:

'He stood on the site – a tense and muscular. European novelty – a crossover Mazda CX-7 is rapidly released into the Belarusian market. More recently he raced on the famous Nurburgring in Germany and the autobahn, and here – selling cars in the CIS and, accordingly, the new test. Head high school driving skills of the Belarusian Academy of Physical Education and Sport Sergei Ovchinnikov in no hurry to get behind the wheel, looking to the beginner. "Well, kind of solid – said the most respected driver of Belarus – demonstrates a successful life.

" Professional spotted driving performance of Japanese crossover, just went to him. "I am confident that this comfortable and driving. These quality affects weight. Small cars, as if we did not want to make a comfortable impossible even theoretically. Roughness, which runs into the machine while in motion, is perceived by the wheel and suspension. The greater the ratio weight with all-wheel drive mechanism and the car, the car will be more comfortable.

Therefore, the wheels do not try to iron and alloy to be easier to do that jumping on the road. From this and fuel economy dependent, and higher speeds. " Beating around the car, Ovchinnikov stayed at his back: "The angles of approach are small. Not even sitting behind the wheel can be said that the car traversed. Not too long back to allow easily overcome the pit and borders – a significant advantage over the others. Beautiful car. And promising. From the category of those to whom you want to come, sit and go.

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