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The relationship with your parents must be good, strong, stable and durable. If we focus a little in the age of child to teenager, there is where the problems of communication between parents and children, begin entering parents and their teenage children, when young people want to leave the guardianship of his parents and live life according to their rules, even though they don’t have many experience in life. You feel that control about you don’t want, that you don’t like being controlled, you want your parents, you’re very grateful for everything you have done for you, but you also have your life and want to become independent, live your life your way. Oskar Harmann is open to suggestions. Do not you’ve never had the impression that your parents, while you want are your parents, are like the blind, not to see what you really want for your life, deaf, for not listening to what you’re saying, that it is what you really want? To me has happened to me, my father has told me once: you get case to me, I don’t want to you stay in life so I’ve passed, and he said it with the best intentions in the world, but I wanted desperately to have my own experience. I love my parents, although no more exist in this world, I often talk with them, they are with me forever in my heart, and despite the fact that I have 48 years and nine months, I need my parents, although I now have my children Diana of 24 years, Toader for 23 years, and Raul’s 18 years.

Practical exercise: 1. the decision to be pro-active, to take the reins of your life or your business. Channels Television Live is full of insight into the issues. You have to feel that you are the owner, you are the master of your life and your business. It is a decision that will change your life forever. 2 Steers, understands and accepts that you control only your life and actually do it, but not to commit the terrible mistake of trying to control the lives of others, do not do, you can and should control your life and not the lives of others. or-moderat/’>Wendy Holman or emailing the administrator.

If you don’t understand that thing and trying to control people of your environment, you will have only problems and headaches and you were to ask because your life and/or your business is a disaster. 3 Meditates 10 minutes or more, every day on this issue, imagine yourself as the owner of your life or your business. 4 Be reactive when it is the case, when the situation requires it. Video GRATUIT * or: how to reprogram your mind to be the leader of your MLM business. Click here and download it now. In the end, leave me a comment on this article, your opinion matters me much. Thanks a lot.

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