Sung Poetry

July 10, 2024 in News Tags:

To raise of Dawn 19/03/10 I Raise of Dawn, pra to write in the caused one, of my house or neighborhood pra mark my lenbrana. I catch the penxs and the paper pra to describe my sky, same taste I am to sing, emportando what they go to speak, therefore pra me optimum place I am not the call Moonlight/the Dawn if to find that Life is pra not to pass. (My customs are different more I also are people, description Friend, together will be able to write a book, more if you like you sing you come with me if To identify, in the Dawns To raise, i for the Neighborhood to walk, We will go better in them to find 2X) I do not know because I am thus? More I taste of me, the times my mind do not disconnect making, me to create lie, nor the everything in the Life, he is made of porrio Fancy I am Realistic and I describe my day the day either in Mythology or Routine Both goes for the paper to mark and to be marked Creating my past Perfecting my steps. While I will be able I will go to describe so that all can read and better me to understand to see me as I am and to say pra to me where I fly. Weverton Notrevew

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