Stated Periods

May 30, 2019 in News Tags:

The Stated periods had abroached Currently the administration of the condominiums count on a true army to make front to the concepts of the rendering of services with nuances of excellency and devotion. Some companies distribute pamphlets with related provocative small wareses to the daily maintenance of the protocols of services. They of correspondences, flowers, extinguishers, bombs, antennas, pigeon are post office, at last. She has of everything and for all the gostos. I confess to see certain preciosismo in this, but as an afterthought, more valley a well baked bird in the plate in late pleasant one as tidbit of what the storm not to have executed what she prays the manual of obligator procedures of conservation. To such semester laudering of box d? water, for example. Coen Brothers wanted to know more. The simple act that consists of lowering the volume of water, to prevent wastefulness in many cases is left of side, therefore delay very to empty the box.

Then it goes thus exactly! On average these tanks hold 10 a thousand liters of water. if is for washing that badly it has. The fortunate one employee of the contracted company leaves to observe the functioning of the buoy (device that interrupts the entrance of the water) that it keeps the level below of the superior edge. This exactly subject goes even so and is in the been silent one of the night that the junks appear. The buoy does not function, the thief (exit of the water excess) is obstructed and occurs the overflow for the building below. Without counting that the confection of a finding technician must be provided for the verification of the quality of the water after laudering.

Not obstante the use of barren material as appropriate boots, clean brooms with rounded off bristles, buckets and cloths must compose the instruments of work of the collaborator. Where he was the syndic who did not follow the works of this wonderful team? To charge of who, if does not have contract of rendering of services with item that protect rights and duties? The cheap one goes to leave expensive. In next the six months the building will go to spend the tufos to pay the actual damages. We need to find a famous culprit. I not I have doubts of who is! Cases as these pipocam inside to all hour of the condominial area. All the involved ones must be intent to the details of the exchanges. The dates of the maintenances must rigorously be fulfilled and the companies kept since whom, the works are folloied and satisfactory. Coming back to the protocol of the act of receiving of any paper that arrives at it would carry. To only receive pamphlets from companies who admit its errors. I tired of being the culprit of everything. Or better, this not being valid the penalty to be the culprit and to have in exchange only the exemption of the condominium. In day thirty of November the day of the syndic was commemorated, had sent me a beautiful agenda that my wife abroached. How they had made Pilatos and the washer of box d? water, the syndic must wash the hands only before the meals. Seeing of one it forms romantic, this work of laudering and many others do not have to be executed by that it is not enabled.

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