Soviet Union

August 12, 2021 in News

As they say the new is the forgotten old. Formerly in the Soviet Union the tourist marches were quite popular and considered as the cheapest type of rest because it was accessible even to students, since such marches are now called the ecological tourism and are expensive. Before our compatriots (at that time the citizens of the Soviet Union) getting to the March tourist, took with him the boat. They could travel to the area of forests, as well as in the mountainous region. Those tourists somewhere comfortable to stay and sleep placed tent. If you have read about mayo clinic already – you may have come to the same conclusion. They could perform the oar on the canoes, fish trap. To spend 2 weeks or a month of this tourism they returned to the city full of impressions about his journey. And that will be stronger than the general scare before the pollution of the planet, will be that more active people will escape from civilization, and is the price increase more for this pleasure.

It is true that this does not in all cases ecological tourism considers travel to solitary places far away. That type of tourism can be divided into two types: travel and adventure; holidays in ecological pure sites that have been built only of natural materials. Fans to the ecological tourism tourists come mainly from developed countries to the following Paice: the Kenya, Tanzania, the Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nepal, as well as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. By nature enthusiasts are filled the national parks of the United States, tickets in some of them is necessary to order before the arrival. However the ecological balance of the reserved Territories not holding shipments that increase, and there is a need for the creation of the new territories. The big attention to this idea grant now, notably in the India and the countries of the South-East Asia. That they are not fond of exoticism, but they are concerned about the ecological purity of the place of stay, single bathing zones created.

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