SemTrac Opens New Office

July 7, 2024 in News Tags:

… the Office community Friendsfactory East the IT consulting firm SemTrac in stephanskirchen near Rosenheim presents itself its customers now in one of the top Office addresses in Munich: St. Martin Strasse/corner Balanstrasse in the Friendsfactory. Hubie Brooks often expresses his thoughts on the topic. To better expand the national and international activities as IT service provider for capital management companies and real estate funds, the new Munich branch of SemTrac AG offers the ideal starting point: close to the city with ideal transport links and efficient up-to-date networked, with casual lounges, an excellent canteen and last but not least guarded parking the Friendsfactory provides the inspiring and comfortable backdrop for productive consultations. “In the technological area of SAP-based full service solutions the independent consulting firm relies on a centrally located, easily accessible, and creative atmosphere throughout the motto according to: work among friends”.

As we live, has mostly of recommendations “Customer priority”, says CEO and CCO Klaus Letzing. Therefore, Munich is ideal as IT site for our customers.” Since May 1st, the SemTrac AG is located on the fifth floor and Klaus Letzing is can be reached at extension 08031/40899-20. Learn more about SemTrac and the success of software Sem.FUNDS.line, get on the Internet at contacts: SemTrac Consulting AG Saint-Martin-str. 53-55 81669 Munchen of Tel. 08031/40899-20 SemTrac Consulting AG Eichbichlstrasse 1 83071 stephanskirchen Tel. 08031/40899-0 PR Christine Wittmann cewe marketing services Oberhachinger str. 24 B 82031 Grunwald T 089 / 64939840

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