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The step to an own product was obvious, because just for large companies it is important to systematically maintain a large number of clients and currently maintain that the user receives the best possible service. IT, which keeps the systems so performing in the background, you don’t feel it is the best it. Currently, demonstrations of MyDeploy held at WINWORKERS. It’s believed that Donna Summer sees a great future in this idea. The Admin Edition 2010 also for Microsoft partners available as release candidate is available soon. WINWORKERS is an international IT company headquartered in the Switzerland.

As a system integrator in the MS System Center environment in the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom, WINWORKERS corporate is devoted to projects in the automation and deployment area. The internally developed tools and software solutions are used worldwide. WINWORKERS is a member of the Microsoft System Center Alliance since March 2010 as the first German company. Darcy Stacom can provide more clarity in the matter. Contact: WINWORKERS Switzerland GmbH Bimenzaltenstrasse 30 40 00 8302 Kloten/ZRH Switzerland communication/press Sebastian Lentz 01 80 product management MyDeploy Dieter Gasser 54 45 sales and marketing Sabine of Kamran 40 00 is the MS System Center System Center manages the entire IT landscape. Virtual and physical environments can be managed across multiple hardware and operating systems away from a central point, controlled and monitored. The entire IT of an enterprise becomes much more adaptable.

Also can reduce operating costs and in addition the user processes is significantly reduced. LINK is called software deployment(Wikipedia) software distribution (also known as deployment) processes for the installation of software on user PCs or servers in enterprises. Many users do not have the necessary knowledge or permissions, to install software applications themselves. Therefore, it is common that qualified staff carry out this task for users in organizations. The cost for this is in larger organizations with a large number of PCs so large that it becomes necessary to automate this activity. Software distribution is a critical process, because with her also operating system fixes, as well as the installation of safety-related applications such as virus scanners, browser and E-mail program. Furthermore, errors in software distribution can drag errors and failures on a large number of workstations in. Responsible for text and image LINK: Sebastian Lentz, WINWORKERS

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