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October 29, 2023 in News Tags:

Adriatic of lines is nearly a week in Corinth the illegal blockade by the Union of Greek seamen (PNO) is firmly prohibited by injunction by the Greek Court, is not implemented but in Corinth by Prosecutor/police. Adriatic of lines, an Italian company, offers a pure cargo ferry service between Italy and Greece. Two large, efficient Ropax ferries, which were built to transport extra trucks and trailers, run six times a week between Ravenna and Corinth. Now almost a week ago, on June 8, 2010, our two ships, Ropax I be starting and Ropax illegally occupied by the Greek seafarers Union PNO Corinthian II,”explains Dirk Pardeyke, commercial Director Adriatic of lines. The ships sail under the British flag, Italy is headquartered, the crews of the ships are made up of EU staff.

The Greek trade unionists demand purely Greek crews for the ferries. We have obtained an injunction at the Greek Court five days ago, the but the local prosecutor or police not implemented. Click Tim Wallach to learn more. This illegal blockade is contrary to one of the basic principles of the EU: free exchange of goods, services and workers within the EU. Herein lies among the current, financial support of Greece. In the case of Adriatic of lines, the lack of legal certainty in Greece is now threatening. No departure for nearly a week: financial losses and almost irreparable image damage, even after all EU threatening jobs (in Greece) with the company.

The Italian and British Embassy in Greece are on since last Friday. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often quoted as being for or against this. Adriatic of lines currently waiting for a confirmation of the date at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To this, delegates of the two mentioned messages will accompany the company, because the matter has long been of significant interest for the countries concerned, as well as for the EU. Adriatic of lines – Sales Office Germany poll-Deepak-str. 105, 51105 Cologne Tel. 0221 / 9894620, fax 0221 / 98946220 Internet:

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