Quip The Advice Of A Good Friend

June 25, 2023 in News

Sometimes in life you find situations that go beyond you and test your inner fragility. You feel the vulnerability that beats within yourself because an illusion has broken you and you have to recompose your mind map. A broken illusion can refer to a personal theme or also a professional matter. Both are important in your measurement but it is clear that the way to deal with them is different. On a personal issue in relation to love or friendship, not only arise thoughts but also feelings. In fact, overcome a disappointment of this type means more time, more strength of will and more value than a labour slump.

If you are going through a time of difficulty you should avoid to stay only, i.e. you must find support in a good friend, someone of much confidence since you must not count something that is intimate to anyone. When something affects you, you must protect yourself sharing your experience with someone who can understand you, support you and be there unconditionally. When you decide to outsource your inner world you leave feel only to some extent. You feel protected, you discover that there is someone who cares about you and who loves you. Therefore, you should always avoid a drastic decision at a critical juncture in your life in which you are exposed to a great deal of emotion. Passes the time, relax, focus on yourself, rearranges your mental map, rearranges your life with other goals and priorities, but above all, tell you be happy and overcome any obstacle.

Life is too beautiful to not live without conditions. Invite a friend to House and tell him what’s wrong. It is always better to talk something intimate in a space that also invites the intimacy. Logically, speak of a transcendent subject of oneself for the first time in a cafe can be somewhat cold. In addition, if you are at home allow you cry more freely or express your feelings without thinking of that other people can look at you. You ask a good friend opinion, listen to his advice. And then, get balance based on your own criteria. Surely so you’ll make the right decision since what you decide will be the right thing. I.e. will work best for you. Friendship is a treasure, for this reason, we must take care of friends who are loyal to 100 per cent, that are there, because without your help we could not cope with hope the bad times that sooner or later appear in the path of life. Beyond that sometimes life seems difficult, you know that the sun always rises majestic each dawn waiting for your smile. Maite Nicuesa Guelbenzu original Autor and source of the article

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